Col. Joseph Ball

Name Col. Joseph Ball 458, 10G Uncle
Birth 1649, England322
Death 1711, Epping Forest, Lancaster County, Virginia458
Immigration ca 1650, Virginia
Residence Epping Forest, Lancaster County, Virginia322
Reside Memo on the Rappahannock River
Honors 1695, House of Burgesses, Lancaster County, Virginia244
Honors Memo Member 1695
Father Col. William Ball (1615-1680)
Mother Hannah Atherold (-1694)
Joseph Ball (1649-1711), of Lancaster County, Va., was a member of the House of Burgesses, 1695.244

Epping Forest, Lancaster County, Virginia, was originally called Forest Quarter.
1 Julia Romney322
Death 1703, Epping Forest, Lancaster County, Virginia
Father William Romney
Mother Margaret Bowater
Children Joseph
2 Mary Montague322,458
Death abt 1721458
Her marriage to Joseph Ball is recorded as Mrs. Mary Johnson, suggesting she was previously married to a Mr. Johnson. This would seem to fit with L. A. Richardson letter where he called her Mary Montague, which may have been her maiden name. 322
Marriage bef 1706
Children Mary (1706-1789)

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